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Saturday, February 6, 2016

Thinking about changing

            I have been saying for over 3 years now that I needed to stretch more and as I try to get into a habit of it in my new home with a gym in the basement I am easily distracted in doing something else time after time..... So this morning I joined into Ericka's yoga class with excitement and determination to actually follow through getting there and just being there only I was left thinking at the end of the wonderful session "Whoa! I need to do some work on myself!" 
    It was shocking to me in suddenly feeling the levels of pain that are hidden in my legs, or the muscles lacking in my core. I am an active person just not good at being balanced and I am not strong in certain places I noticed instantly. With yoga requiring to be both strong and balanced each pose is another level of advance coronation. So it all leaves me thinking I am about to change what I consider "In shape" to be more about what is "In strength."  
Yoga could be the new thing for me to focus on myself in helping and fixing things inside of me, to center my quest for good health both in body and mind, since I have a Gaia Circle coming up to teach "Self-Love." I feel like I just had a very personal experience on what that really means.... 
Letting myself stretch among friends, breath in longer and slowly to focus my being into a position of challenging soreness that slowly goes away as I get better at it or as I move myself in a new way for my brain to remember how, and for my emotions to be released.......I have much needed work to do on myself, this is true! I will allow my "self love" to be about learning something new like yoga, to be better in my own's finally time to change myself up a bit!

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