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Sunday, January 31, 2016

This is Fun!

    It has been quite the week of celebrating! I usually complain that winter birthdays never draw much of a crowd against the cold nights least NOT like the parties my husband has in the spring time. Yet every single day this week and weekend I am meeting friends and family for my birthday celebrations! We recently joined into a fundraiser of all you can eat crab legs with my Father-in-law, Kelly and his beautiful wife Teresa whom I love so dearly that I can't get enough of their friendship! We really had a fun night!

    I am left gratefully in awe over celebrating a new age of 37 now (and also seeing new gray hairs pop out around my ears! How AWESOME is that?) 
   On my birthday I rested through the morning having a hot bath, reading and cuddling my pets and then later on I enjoyed a hot tea with my elderly friend Bernice....She said being 37 years old was along time ago for her and I loved listening to her memories over our usual tea time! I kept thinking about what it will be like to be in my 80's as she is now....the world will keep changing and my strength will also lessen by then but I will ALWAYS wear the crab hat singing and dancing away the joy of being alive no matter what!

For this is FUN! growing older and wiser, while embracing what is important to me and above all else being goofy ol' me!

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