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Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Thinking about Laughter

Last night while in my freshly cleaned neatly made bed I pushed up my pillows against the wall to sit up warming my feet under a circle of cats and dogs, The TV that came with the master bed room is working so nicely that I can watch something with ease as I get ready for bed time.

I love having my own space away from my husband's office and big TV upstairs as he watches what he like or what he needs to for studying. As he came to bed last night I realize it was strange, usually he stays up way late into the night studying for the big BAR exam that all lawyers have to take in order actually BE a lawyer.....He asked "What are you watching?" I looked up at him confusion to see him in my own personal space and time "Frasier." He responded back "Oh I like this show! it's been a long time since I've seen it." I commented back flipping through some of my papers and organizing stuff while it played over head, "Good because I am not changing it for ya." He chuckled and got into bed so early for his usual routine, I explained "It's like watching YOU whenever Frasier speaks!.....and I am more like his Dad as I grow older too I 've noticed." Tony laughed as on the screen Marty Kraine told a funny story about his dog! We both laughed together, it's my most favorite sitcom of ALL time for me, (And I am sure I have mentioned it over the years here on my blog a time or 2...)
Thinking about how good it was to laugh last night while watching it before, when everything was done and clean, when all my dogs and cat were cold and cuddly.
Watching "Frasier." IS like watching my own life unfold, Tony and his family is so identical to these characters that it makes laughing even better!
As Niels Kraine struggles with suddenly having no money or always shares about his wife I am left with tears in my eyes from laughing so hard for how true to life it is with Tony's brother Dusty, for years his wife has been only talked about not actually seen in family events. The world is full of personalities that make this sitcom relate-able to the viewers.
 I am the flannel wearing, dog loving, easily annoyed at the pretentious behavior of Frasier and Niels father Marty Kraine and that is why I get along so well with my own Father-in-law Kelly who loves to just have a beer with his boys on his big patio and visit! Last night Tony was laughing so much at how the show capture his own personality so well and I got thinking that with out laughter, life would be so boring just like without all the different personalities in my family, our times together wouldn't be so fascinating! I think that when we can see ourselves in other people we learn laugh even more for what we are and how we behave! Life is always moving forward learning to do this together makes it even more like a sitcom from time to time!

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