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Thursday, February 25, 2016

Thinking about Connections


          It's rather amazing to look at my life from when my husband first decided to go to Law school in 2012, Last night he finished the BAR Exam, we have been planning and talking about this moment every since he first started.
It was crazy how the alarm went off at 6am and I was wide awake for 2 days he had to be there, and I was so nervous, restless and worried so I put all my energy into my home. I deep cleaned that first day, then I cooked up a storm the second day.....each hour I wondered "How is he feeling? How is the testing going?" I began singing, dancing and chanting with all my good blessings and best wishes for him to pass and simply BE a lawyer now.
It's crazy to think it's all coming down to this week..... Everything good and bad from the last few years brought us HERE to this moment in time.
This is the year of family coming together more too I've noticed, This is the year our friends bring new friends into our world! All these relationships are healing and connecting again and again so I am in awe of how far from the beginning we have all come! I am in awe of just so much right now!

How magical it is that I feel in seeing these moments unfold in love and how these connections are coming together and making me stronger for the future!         

The sunset last night was vibrant, warm and cozy as my hubby Tony and I sat in chairs facing it perfectly through the neighborhood trees drinking our first "Dark and Stormys." All the crazy go go stress melted away, for my heart had been racing on 2 days straight! 
He cheers my glass with floating limes "Couldn't of made it without ya Babe. and you have worked so hard on this home and this night." I sat smiling thinking it's ironic that when we first started up law school we were drinking dark and Stormys back then too! Only we were struggling to adapt, struggling to plan ahead or know what to do it all makes sense to simply embrace these connections and new pathways without fear or worry! I am in awe of that sunset so perfect and so warm....I am glad to sit a bit thinking about all my new friends and all my new possibilities for the future

For this is really the Beginning of a new chapter now..............and here we Go!

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