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Sunday, February 21, 2016

Thinking About Sadness

It was a BEAUTIFUL day yesterday, the sunshine was out and the weather was clear chilly and fresh! I was lost in thinking about Sadness as a friend of mine was feeling sick and really sad. I get that way to, it comes on like an ocean wave in which a sad song will help me release this pain into the earth and heal again. I watched a show once about the top 10 sad songs and when R.E.M got first place I cheered and jumped up and down because THIS is the best sad song of my life time! I was in my living room with my life long friend Tiffany and her 4 kiddos who all laughed at me while we were watching saying "You are CHEERING for the top sad song???"  I nodded and said "This is my own most beloved song when I need a good deep cry! and this video is well done while teaching us that we are NOT alone when we are sad! That we have something in common with EVERYONE! So this show captures my own sad song list in such a great way....of course I am going to cheer!"        Yesterday I sat overlooking the amazing mountains of the treasure Valley and I felt bitter-sweet, grateful my life is blooming out into such amazing adventures and  yet I miss the small simple ways I use to live by as well.....
I also miss the dogs of my past, I cling to the dogs of my present and I wonder about the future pets I may obtain because just like with people some friendships can't ever be replace or forgotten....How different I am from a decade ago and how different will I be in the next decade???
.....yet sad songs like THIS simply stay the same! and Cheers to that! We find comfort in what we can already know!

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