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Thursday, January 28, 2016

This is Life

     Oscar and I went out to play Frisbee last week in the sunlight just before Eddie passed away, after 13 years in the family my father-in-law's little black dog said his final goodbye to us all.
The sadness of such loss like that is what makes life full of emotions and connections. 
We don't have as much time as we wish we had with each other, we don't stay in the moment very long as time doesn't keep us as we are....

Oscar and I have been all over this city of trees, we have spent many years in the parks or sit by the river to cuddle and just be.
I think every single night as I kiss him before bed and hold him in the early morning drinking my coffee, these days in this way that we live will sadly all to soon will one day be over. This is life, we live side by side until death keeps us from each other.    

I got Oscar as an energetic puppy who loved his frisbee play time in a fenced  tennis court, I took him out every single day rain or shine! We cuddled in on cold days more often then on good days where we took on a new adventures outside I wanted to wear him out every day so throwing the frisbee was one of his favorite games! I loved being out just last week with him doing the same kind of free off leash running in the safe place of a empty tennis court. He ran his heart out and when he was tired he simply laid down. These days has him not playing endlessly but instead he happily chills out beside me after a couple of long runs to get his well used frisbee. We are older now as he will be 10 years old this fall. I am in awe of our great life together, I am hoping to not miss a single second of the joy he gives me!

This is life that time isn't on pause, that our memories capture the best moments and the whole magical spark for breathing in order to survive the grief, the times of loss and death as they will cycle through our own life force.
I am turning 37 years old today, this morning's sun light is bright and strong greeting me through my cozy living room windows. With my husband cooking breakfast I look around in such gratefulness that my dogs are all laying around happy to just stay home today.
I am happy to be older and wiser but I can see that nothing will last so I will drink in the joy, in the love and laugh whenever I can!

Oscar and I will be, just be for the next few years we still have ahead.

This is life that we live with love and know that death is nothing to fear as we gracefully grow into our peaceful end.

I count it all joy that I got to meet so many amazing dogs in my life time, that I get to be surrounded by all my pets in my wonderful home on my birthday!

Joy to the world for I have loved and lost, and I carry life's great stories within my hurting heart in all those final goodbyes for this is life......

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