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Friday, January 8, 2016

Moving with gracious gifts


                       In my new home now I sit in awe over the last few months of getting settled in here, It's a beautiful place and it's warm, cozy and clean.........(I have only seen one spider in the basement)
When we moved I was busy, distracted and focused on boxes and things....yet it was never lost on me the kindness, the gifts for our new home that flooded into our new life!
In fact I sit this morning in the winter's sun light drinking coffee thinking about what having joy means and it takes me back over the last few weeks of such gracious gifts that people knew would work great for our new place! I sit this morning realizing I have not bought a single things for my new's miraculous to me in fact to realize this! It makes me smile and feel grateful since every penny goes towards food or utilities right now, my pets and I have everything we would ever want a warm home in the winter's nights, a fenced in backyard and gardens to work in on warm sunny afternoons and room for company to park and visit with us. The world has been magically beautiful this holiday season, I stayed home as much as possible since our car is wearing out and I am never wanting to leave this cozy clean and organized place.
Homemaking is my favorite time of the day, music plays and soup simmers on the stove.....cornbread bakes up and the whole place is cleaned top to bottom,  with cats napping on the big bed in the master bedroom and I fold clothes, with each dog in their favorite bed in the living room I stir the soup and check the crock pot of mulled wine, each room is completed and cozy by the early evening. These many gifts from all my friends from dishes to table clothes, from curtains to tension rods, with picture frames and new chairs I have a real home all completely made from the kindness and excitement of all our family and friends who love our new home too!  This has been an amazingly good move to do, I was afraid at first that my cats would suffer in this change from our old place to the new but they LOVE these trees, gardens and shelters everywhere...they find many fun corners inside to hide or sleep in. Not once has any of them tried to leave to return to the old home just down the road. I remember when we moved into that old place I had to buy so many new things, I had decide to put tons of work and money into the whole place trying to grow a big veggie garden and I took on the care of another cat so our money budget grew in fact looking back we struggled so much for the timing in everything but here in our new layout people swing by all the time bringing something I could use. The gardens are just waiting for me to get out there, my new landlord just gave me a box of seeds and she will come help me learn everything about this place this spring! I love how it all came together, how wonderful it is and how grateful I am for each new piece of furniture, each new dish and each new room that holds my home all together! I count it all joy! and I see how important it is to bless your home and fill it with love then sit back and see all the wonderful things that happens from there........

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