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Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Connecting with cautionary care

          Just before Christmas my cousin Trina sent me a message of needing my help to check in on her friend who was recently getting out of jail and had no one to help or support him in the Boise area. 
Her heart is full of love for him as if he was her own boy, (she is always full of such love for the homeless, the hurting and the helpless souls in this world.) So I knew because of how much I love her and how much I feel very capable of being available if this guy reached out to me, then yes I would meet him for her. 
When it comes to having a sense of awareness I feel empowered to be there for someone while never putting myself in danger. This was a fact I shared in a conversation my husband the night before meeting up with him. Trina's friend is really just a kid in many ways, polite, nice and well put together as he focuses on bettering his life now, I could tell his guard was up and his stories were also kept short in details.....I am not one to dig, not one who needs to know. So I just chatted away and listen happily to him....hoping he felt safe with us. 
I love my cousin who loves this guy and now I made a new friend just like that. 
Of course I had him meet me in the coffee shop where my husband was already studying with his friends so that I was not all alone and they could judge if he is a safe guy for me to take out to lunch or not. I had not been worried about it but I could see my husband needed to be involved just a little.... 
We ended up walking the park in the sunny Saturday afternoon, I shared on in our conversation "I have never needed drugs, never needed to find something to escape my life even though I had plenty to justify trying to escape my childhood memories, I realized when I was your age actually that I had no say over my past but I DO have a say about my future. I understand why people escape in all kinds of ways either consumed with their faith in God or with their right and wrongs speeches, it makes sense to find an escape in someway either with drugs, and alcohol or anything that consumes you because it's harder to say "I have no idea what I am doing in this world." He walked and talked with me all afternoon through the park as we playfully found rocks on the benches full of inspirational words. It was amazing to me that these where the words I use to explain why I have a core happiness always within me that no one can take. He seemed impressed by the rocks and moved them around as we walk quickly to stay warm. When we returned to the coffee shop happily friends now, as my husband joked back "Are you guys going to play hop scotch now?" I burst out laughing, going to the park in the cold was just a random idea thinking I wish my cousin Trina had been  with us too, she would of loved it completely seeing her friend again!
 When my husband freaked out the night before worried that I will put myself in great danger of this stranger I assured him that I am not stupid, not clueless nor am I naive anymore. Maybe 10 years ago I would of been like "What's jail like?" "What are drugs? why would you take them?"  "Are you hungry come on over to my home and eat."  But who I am now is much wiser in protecting my home and family while still helping out if I can. 

"The world always looks better after you eat, so it's important to never skip out on good food." I smiled at him as he looked around the crowded cafe he shared "I don't like anyone
being behind me." I nodded saying "I bet, that just being smart and aware of your surroundings. I am always paying attention to what's going on too, but what I see is people helping people." He replied with a smirk "What I see is people trying to get what they can for themselves." I chuckled and nodded right back knowing how we see the world always tells a bit about us when we aren't even aware at times, he could be right too. 
The sunshine afternoon in the park was beautiful we walked fast to stay warm against the snowy path and the rock painted HOPE made me smile because that is what I hold for each and every person in this really does get better if we have hope that it will. 
As we ended the afternoon I said that we should celebrate his birthday coming up and he smiled agreeing that would be nice while my husband cautiously advised that I can't just assume he even liked us and I shouldn't be so trusting. I laughed shaking my head "I wasn't trusting, I was just listening and I feel there's nothing wrong going out to meet someone new who needs a friend and maybe a warm meal in their day, that's all I can do and it's not bad to be that honest." 
My husband said that night "You were very nice to him, while I see worse case scenario I also know you mean well and I just don't want you to be manipulated, I was glad to meet him so I didn't worry over who you were meeting up with and I am glad you have cautionary care but you can't save everyone." I explained with a smile "I am not out to save anyone ever, I am out to be helpful if it's within my ability and sometimes it's not....but this was such a good day! I feel happy that it went so well!"  My husband chuckled back "Well then, maybe so...maybe so."  I suddenly shared my thought "Soooo my next art project is to paint rocks with hope and joy and set them out into my gardens or share at the park too! It was truly magical today to see such messages out in nature....ya never know who you inspired or touch with these words!"  


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