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Saturday, January 10, 2015

Where we are....

From the sunlight on the path we meet again
the smile and the shine go hand in hand
for the new again day that allows us such play!

From the tears of goodbyes, long hugs of last time spent
we waved on our descent in death or in a final move
because no one wants to be proved
we all want to hide from the facts and make love last!

For in all the good and in all the bad 
life creates such cast
we grow and learn, we act we slack and then we yearn
for our life to never die, but once we feel it at our side
we once again can not hide

For in all of life, love and laughter we see our splendor
we see all real reasons in such changing seasons
we don't know any answer to our many questions 
yet we loved and learned, holding each dog at it's turn
our hearts and our minds can't last for all time 
However our hearts hold onto all of nature,
hold onto all the creatures
being apart of it all in this earthly place

From here to eternity we will taste all things and kiss all wings, 
we weep and we sleep
we talk and we walk
we hug and we hold
for we know...........the depth of our soul must always grow!

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