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Friday, January 9, 2015

A Sad thought.....

If it was possible to turn off my thoughts for a bit then I would like that, or maybe I would not? Thoughts are just as important for our communication with our own private self as well in being still not thinking at all to give yourself peace....I simply don't want to think about it when I have sudden flashes of thoughts here and there which often warn me of arriving sadness, I wonder why of course? I always think I am being silly right after such a sudden thought or warning reaches me then I'm quick to disregard them as a part of my vivid imagination or highly emotional self.
Either way, as I learn to listen more I feel more too so do I really want to turn that off in the end?
I woke up thinking "Lenore the dog of love is dead." then I shook my head saying "Don't be silly!"
Jon Katz is my most favorite author, someone I follow daily and greatly admire. (I might of mention this fact on here a few times over the years :-) by the way) His many books, and blog posts about his black lab Lenore have become apart of my everyday routine of coffee cup in hand and laptop in the other.  I love escaping into his world, into the beautiful eyes of Lenore!
    Jon Katz is so good to share this sad story with us, he shares stories and poems of all his dogs over the years. We came to know him, to be apart of his many adventures on his farm because he kindly easily shares with us!  Even with his sadness in death.....
My cousin Trina does the same thing with her family, her farm and her dogs, sharing all of her adventures as well.....sadly this week she laid to rest her beloved Hobo, another great dog of love! Now I never met him just like Lenore, but I did so enjoy all the stories Trina shared with me over the phone and over the years about her amazing Hobo! .....It's been such a sad week!

Goodbye to the brave happy Hobo and Goodbye to the sweet loving Lenore, this world is less bright without you both and I will sadly miss ya!

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