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Friday, January 2, 2015

Iron out the Wrinkles

It was a precious movie, a fun relaxing animation of a nursing home. The story is common about old age, yet there was a sense of adventure and delight in being old along side this film. I found myself settled peacefully enjoying every second of the dialogue and the scenarios as these elderly people share the truth of living so close to death and that next wonder in what new adventure awaits. This movie is dedicated to all the old people of today and of tomorrow.... BEAUTIFUL!
This movie was deeply moving and brilliant in my opinion and since I will be the old people of tomorrow I like knowing how to get ready for it with the help from this inspiring movie called "Wrinkles"! The Alzheimer patient in this story shows once again how important understanding the disease is in helping those who suffer with it better.
This is what I have learned;

1. Don't take ANYTHING they say personal. They don't hold some kind of personal plan to upset you in anyway, they are confused. 

2. Don't ask them questions. Even as simple as "How are you doing?" will send them into a panic for an answer they are not sure of.....

3. Don't correct them on any of their story details or mistaken facts, simply play along in a respectful manner for nothing is being said that will be remembered as right or wrong, but your correction will be insulting to them.

4. Don't look for validation or approval, the Alzheimer patient can't help you or hold your hand like they use to. For they don't see anyone else's need to be loved by them anymore. 

5. Always keep your conversations and sharing of stories very simple, less details and information will make better sense for them and often triggers their lost go with the flow of their own story telling self.

6. Most importantly remember an Alzheimer patient is a blank slate, for them it is hard to know what kind of attitude to have or what kind of mood to be in, so what ends up happening is they become perfect mirrors of YOU. If you are bossy they become bossy, if you are sad then they will be sad not knowing why at all. If you ignore them as they mindlessly ramble then soon they will be complaining about you ignoring them. This is both a gift and a challenge, changing who you are in front of them can change the way they are acting as well.

Bonus step number 7. Never hang out with an Alzheimer patient unless you have an endless amount of calm kindness and patience to answer their same questions a thousand times over.  
For we ALL deserve respect and honor in our last days of our beautiful long life coming to a graceful end.

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