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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

All is Calm

The waves of the ocean hit me in a sharp cold wind as I climbed over the slope unhooking my dog's leash. "WOW! What a Christmas morning!" he bolted towards the group of seagulls then happily return to me for his Frisbee and I walked for miles in true happiness this way.

This was my 30th year, there was magic in reaching age suddenly realizing my soul felt at home, maybe I was born 30 and now I can say everything is in balance with the universe,  ALL is calm.

My dog loves the ocean side for the overwhelming freedom to run as far as my eye can see before I call him back to me, "If your dog likes you and if your dog trusts you then they will always come back when you call them. So how you treat them, how you protect them will show in their behavior." The dog trainer made me chuckle as this could be applied to humans as well! I would never forget this power point presentation. My dog always came back calmly laying down like he wants me to carry him back to the hotel room now....and I would.

The soft cool sand covers my finger tips as I loved sitting and digging into the ground watching the sunset before me in a crystal masterpiece over the ever moving and breathing coast line. All is well, All is calm, All is magically set before me.....

I am grateful for every trip to the Oregon Coast, the best times are when my dogs are with me of course but sometimes just sitting on the drift wood all alone I am left in awe of such a place for my soul to rest and refresh. One day I shall die and I hope to float off on those white waves into another adventure for my spirit! All is calm when I arrive here, nothing matters anymore at the moment I smell the salty seaweed and see the endless picture of water moving towards the end of the earth!

The last time I stood there I said "I don't know when I will be back, but I shall carry your glory with me everywhere I go! It doesn't get an easier out there in the world, however it comes down to a choice in being calm, with a little help from YOU!" I nodded towards the blue water as it rolled on by my bare feet soaking into the dark wet hard sand and I smiled back as if the ocean understood me, it gave me the wonder in all things!

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