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Monday, December 8, 2014

I'll be home for Christmas

I think this is the most coziest month of the whole year! When my home is decked out in Christmas decor it gives way to a fresh new look!
My husband was in his study lost in hours of getting his first final down and so he never came out to the living room where I transformed the place top to bottom in Christmas magic! That first morning he exclaimed "OH MY GOD! Looks like ELF was here while we were asleep!" and I woke up laughing so proud of my creativity and likeness to ELF the famous movie with Will Ferrel for he has always been my favorite in relating to his honest holiday cheer for everyone near!
This is such a magical time of the year! I can't say that enough!
AND I think all my pets LOVE these many soft blankets I leave all around in my living room and bed. It gives them warmth and most importantly comfort in this cold season!
 My Christmas tree shines on just before bed while I cuddle and kiss my beloved pets simply admiring it's soft inspiring glow of this annual time with our tree here! 

I am proud to be home for Christmas this year and deeply enjoying this cozy comfort in being both romantic and relaxing! The holidays fly by way to fast so it's the whole month of December that has me enjoying every little thing, it's pure magic!

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