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Saturday, December 6, 2014

All is Bright

          It was the Christmas season of 2007 when my husband Tony said "I have decided to like Christmas for the first time in my whole life because you look so happy all the time during Christmas."  I looked at him in wonder and astonishment then exclaimed "It's a CHRISTMAS MIRACLE!" I danced around so very amazed and happy! It had been 8 years of battling him on the holidays when I would explain the magic of the holidays had nothing to do with religion or greed for me! I loved family time. I loved singing along with every childhood memory in those familiar songs and the world came alive in all kinds of rainbows out there! It was fun to wear blinking lights in my hair while at work. To walk through the mall with a peppermint mocha in hand laughing at all the children in line to see Santa. Giving to organizations for the needy, sharing dinner with friends and resting before bed to simply stare off into the soft glowing tree in my living room. One year I simply put light over my big house plant for my own personal tree.....and every year I cut out snow flakes while watching "Mickey's Christmas carol" to the protest and annoyance of my husband who would ask "HOW OLD ARE YOU?" I reply back in not skipping a beat "Old enough to know one should never loose the Holiday spirit, it gives us hope for the future and a time in our lives to remember we need to never forgot how to play." He would shake his head and then we would debate for hours over morning coffee cups on the history of Christmas.
I never lost my focus in delighting over decorations, songs and the magic even if left all alone in my walk through the shopping centers or coffee shops. I delighted the most in sitting on a bench in "Garden-a-glow" thinking about the love of the holidays and the love for simply being alive was the best part of Christmas. 
To hear that Tony was having a changed of heart in all our spats and disagreements through the years made the Holiday season of 2007 stand out for me in realizing how nice it is to actually have someone walk or sit with me in these cozy traditions!
A friend once mentioned "You must make a really great home during Christmas to convinced him to come around." I shrugged in wonder saying "I don't demand anything, if he hates Christmas that his is own personal choice it has no hold on me for I know what makes me happy and in the end it is far easier to love and laugh then to protest and frown. He is amazed over how nice, at how EASY it is to not judge happy holiday lovers like me anymore....and I never took it personal so to each his own."

As I bought our specialize coffee drinks, Tony asked "Where are we going?" It was Thanksgiving weekend in 2007 I was super excited to show Tony more of my own personal world in Holiday wonders! He held up a blanket with a questioning look that I had tossed in the back seat of our car he asked "Why would we need a blanket? Where are we going!?!" I sipped my warm coffee as I drove on not explaining just teasing "I am going to show you the magic of Christmas!" We drove up into the foothills of an old money well established neighborhood I sang along to the Christmas carols all the way there as Tony waited in wonder over what I could be planning and not sharing with him the next big event of our lives. The evening grew dark by the time we made it to the top of the hills suddenly Tony began joking around "Oooooh I see! You brought me up here to make out....I getcha, I getcha." I just laughed as I found the perfect spot to park turning radio station to match the light display before us. Tony was stunned as the house before us danced with the tunes of the music he asked again "How did you do create this? How did you know about this house?" I kept smiling on proudly as we watched the Christmas decor light up in the same way the music took us along the story as if were we seeing a real life play. As the program ended in such a beautiful way I clapped on as if I were in a huge audience admiring this true glory!  Tony exclaimed in awe "WE are doing this every year! That was AMAZING! I never knew people decorate their house like that!?!" I drove us back home so pleased in how perfect every moment of sharing the beauty of Christmas had been this night. Tony sighed thoughtfully "I can't believe I have missed out on all of this for years, it's easier to choose to be happy during Christmas then to cynically judge and avoid people!" I pause to listen and understand him better then perk up with a great idea "WELL Then....Do I have a movie for you to watch tonight on that very same issue!" He laughed and I knew this was a holiday season to never forget!

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