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Friday, December 26, 2014

Before The Storm

          It is often said that "all is calm just before the storm" and I know this from personal experiences and with many stories of how the day before any kind of trauma seems to reach an almost magical utopia in our memories when we look back and think "I didn't even know that was a perfect moment in my life...just before all hell brook loose the next day." It is because we are reflective beings that while going through deep stress in a crisis we will automatically look back at how nice everything was in our lives on that amazing day before.....

It is no secret with those who know me how passionate and opinionated I can become, having been raised in a family who always had to stand for something, who always had to be RIGHT. I will carry those same good and bad traits with me ALWAYS. Yet as I grow older I try to learn how everything has 2 sides to every story, that each person has a very different life experience from my own self. The most freeing feeling in the world for me was when I could say "Maybe I was wrong?"

It is a powerful feeling to admit not knowing it all, to be able to say "I am sorry." without feeling humiliated by my constant learning curve ahead of me as I grow older. I am passionate still, even with a constant understanding that my ego will never ease to challenge my need for my peace of mind and keeping me on my toes!

It is very important to me that I keep growing and changing, that I seek a better understanding from how other people see the world while delighting in all I have learned for my own magical view of things. Along side my passion and my opinions I have dedicated my life to fighting against ABUSE. This is a very broad topic, abuse covers many problems that I stand against with a powerful sense of bettering the world in my bravery to speak up even though I may be the only one in a group who is lead to do so.....maybe in those moments I ask myself "Am I wrong here for being so fired up?" Then I think of the definition for the word "abuse" and then I come back to my bravery as a much needed a strength to say "I will ALWAYS stand against ABUSE, I made my mission statement for the group "The Band of Mercy" years ago to say "We fight against all animal abuse." It is a constant conversation to teach our next generation how all animals in this world need our help, they need our respect. Abuse is the number one thing I will always fight against even if I stand alone, but my biggest delight in my life time is that I am never ever alone! There is a movement against abuse in many different levels out there, because GOOD people are NOT hard to find if we are brave enough to seek them out!

It is the calm before the storm, every new year holds a certain kind of hope and a powerful desire for peace to better the world! A new year is unknown full of hopeful good days ahead! It is the endless cycle of growing and making a difference all together for that perfect quality of life!

It is of my own personal opinion that if we stand against abuse then we can reach this goal, to give every living soul endless love and joy!

SO I will always speak up and stand out against abuse, be it child abuse, animal cruelty, drug abuse, domestic violence, Government corruption, police force abuse, criminal activities and ANYONE who hurts another living soul. I know why I stand against ABUSE of any kind, I am not out to make light of all the wars or battle lines drawn......everyone will have a story to tell and a passion to follow so I think being able to listen and love unconditionally helps all these issues of abuse get addressed and dealt with head on. May this New Year be a refreshing new start to create the kind of world that we all would like!

It is my most favorite question to ask every single day that I am alive "What kind of world do you want?" Make it so for 2015, take heart and ownership of yourself to be the BEST person that you can be!

 Season's Greetings to ALL!

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