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Thursday, August 22, 2013

To Remember

"Benny! Oh my god the Styx concert was AWESOME last night at the fair!" I said with excitement in the very next morning through my cell phone. I chatted with my best friend as I was watering my front yard while trying to carry my cup of coffee as well. It was a late hot August day in 2012 and I had just walked Benny through my new home the week before. "ALL I could think of was YOU should have been there with me! It was crazy and fun!" I exclaimed again Benny chuckled on the other line "Well I'm sorry I missed it then." I began again while sipping from my coffee mug "I have an idea NEXT YEAR you will come stay in my guest room I will have it all moved in by then, so we could go to the fair together stay out so late and dance so much!" Benny was still chuckling back at me "You are always trying to setup your "guest room" in every house you live in, I thought Tony didn't like guests?" I snorted back saying "He likes me, so when I have company he'll go along with it. beside everyone should have a guestroom!" Benny replied "What dates are the fair next year? I would really like to spend the whole day with you and go to a concert like that! After all life is short right?" I laughed out loud thinking about how we were going to have such a great time next summer then! 
Last night I was reminded once again over how I am back to these fair concerts in that beautiful golden purple sunset of the last days of summer.....August never came for my Benny Girl and I miss her so much!!! 

And then there is my guestroom right now so nicely setup 
and so sadly still.

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