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Saturday, August 24, 2013

To The Fair

This has been a busy fast pace fair schedule, I got so tired after the first week in set-up that all these daily contests and daily fun free cash games wore me out faster then usual this year!
It's fun to see all the old crew that I work with, I like everyone in my team. There is always a bit of chaos, of whose job is whose or where is this score sheet or that prize......all in all this Fair went on smoothly. I have 2 bosses that really don't think of themselves as "bosses" more like friends instead, Teresa has a very creative style, outgoing and playful always thinking up new projects, new contests and new ways to get people involved in the fair. Wendy has a very organized structure style, she loves numbers and score sheets to rate contests into first, second or third places. She is the math whiz I have learned so much from her especially in my very first year working this job when we would sit watching over the produce displays in those summer evenings writing out math problems to solve. Teresa has a very wide social circle in getting donations and prizes for these fair events that I am always driving around to pick something up, having lived in this valley my whole life I can zip right into a place with no thought at all in how to get there. Year after year the contest department has grown better and better which is where we work the most once the Fair starts. Originally we are all in Agriculture, decorating, checking in, judging, setting out ribbons then cleaning the whole place for the public to view over the following 10 days.
    The Fair is such a fun experience, it really comes down to whatever choice you make it actually but the over all feeling for me is such amazement! I get to be both out front and behind the scenes with my job. I get run through the whole fair, watch demos and short skits, I get to dance to the live music or find the best place for foods. I also take a break drinking ice water in Western Town watching the sunset with my co-worker friends. Each day is a theme for an afternoon contest, we keep very busy in the AC building then we sometimes have enough energy to make it to the main stage for a big concert or to carry a big beer. 
There is a fun sense of community, lots of hard work in laughter and sweat. We all like working with each other even supporting each other when they need a break or a day off at random. I enjoy all the farm animals and livestock, usually take my time reading and looking over every stall. Then in the cool dark evenings if I am still there I walk through the rides to see what is new and to be "In the know" even if I don't ever ride one. I have a few really favorite treats that I only get at the fair, I have a few friends scattered through the space of land so I can cover quite a bit of walking. This year flew by and kept me super busy! I am always making notes of what to improve for next year and even though sometimes the public can be overly crowded or annoying I still think the Fair takes me back to being a kid growing up here, saving my money all summer long to have some fun for that one full day when we came to play!
To the Fair it was a good year, I spent sometime on my own remembering how year to year we never know what will happen......yet there is comfort in the familiar same displays and tasty grilled chorizo!

My Dad told us kids to sit in the dark shaded grass on the side of the Expo Building it was the summer I was 9 years old, our Mother was lost in viewing homemade quilts, so we waited. Dad continued to drink his huge icy cold coke looking annoyed at all the people passing us by. We kids had been really hot and began complaining a bit, which also annoyed him easily so he snapped "Be quiet, sit still." I was really thirsty so I took a chance in approaching him "Can I have a drink?" He rolled his eyes "Nope." I asked again "But I am thirsty, why can't I have a sip?" Dad pointed to the garden hose hanging out from the side of the building. "There's some water right there." We kids all looked over at it in discuss and surprised that it was there. I mumbled "It's smells like cow poop!" Dad looked so pleased with himself drinking his soda and shrugged at us explaining "Well you must not really be thirsty then." The hot August summer time sun shine was blazin' across the sky we stayed close to the shade of the building. I felt a bit of frustration building up inside as I said back to my father very boldly "But I am REALLY thirsty!" He grinned holding his cup close to his chest stating back "Well, if you have your own money then go buy a soda, if not then just drink from the hose. I work for my money so I get to enjoy this." He motioned to his coke cup again. My mouth burned inside for the taste of that liquid sweet coldness as we took turns sipping out of the hose I thought long and hard over how in the world could I get my OWN money?!?!? 
It was the beginning of my savings plan for next year, Because I knew that I would NOT be going around miserable and thirsty ever again!

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