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Sunday, August 25, 2013

To My Life

To my Life I am amazed,
at just how much I can carry.

To my mind I am left in wonder,
at what will happen next.

To my heart I feel everything deeply,
for love is all I truly know.

To my eyes I see past so much bullshit,
for I am grateful.

To my ears I can hear and I really like to listen!

To my Life I am honored,
at the ability to just breath.

To my soul I feel a solid strength, 
at the imagination I can use.

To my hands I reach for the stars!

To my Life I am real,
at the honesty I understand.

To my feet I will dance, 
for the music plays magically.

To my back I can bend,
for nothing is to big in fixing.

To my arms I will always give a hug!

To my Life I am overjoyed,
at how beautiful the world is.

To my knees I feel the breeze,
for resting down close to the ground.

To my lips I taste, I touch and I speak out for all things to my life!

The muddy pool captured my group of friends and family as we finished the Dirty Dash here in Boise Idaho up in Bogus Basin. I felt such strength in my center core, in my layers of slippery muddy skin and braided hair. I knew each section of my body had been worked and challenged but I had never grown sick or worn down.....I did SLOW down but never felt once like quitting so deep down I knew that this was a big first for me, climbing up a mountain only to slide back down into more dirt and mud when really my Saturday mornings are usually spent shopping the farmers market or relaxing in a coffee shop! To the Dirty Dash I say that was really really FUN! To my life I respectfully enjoy living all the more!

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