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Monday, April 25, 2016

Mercury Rising

It was the weekend of my birthday just this past winter that was dark and cold as I stood in my winter coat outside the Visual Arts Collective, The show was staring in an hour but the line to get in was stretching out into the street and way across the parking lot. I wasn't surprised, in fact I was 10 minuets early because I know how popular The Red Light Variety Show is! I also like people watching just standing in line bundled up as the rainy snow came down, slush! I liked standing there in my own thoughts, in my own space of time. My husband would of hated the trapped crowded feeling, the standing in place for a while as the cold winter winds blew past. Yet I didn't mind at all, I like all social things, I like singing and dancing with or without any crowds. I really love cheering, supporting and celebrating the ever so beautiful and talented ladies on the stage, their group has grown and changed over the years but the flashy style remains, the Red Light Variety Show will enchant you!
I sat happily drinking my beer while my friends all met up and settled into comforting chairs, elbow to elbow we leaned into each other as the place was packed out, the lights, the music and the stage came our main focus and I smiled so proudly to see my dearest friend dance in her clever humor and magical ways!
I loved the whole night, I was thinking about how fast life quickly everything can be different. 
I remember the very first time I saw this beautiful burlesque show outside the Modern Hotel late into the July night. It was like watching the Circus unfold with even greater skill and strength! I was in awe of the pole dancers, the flame thrower and the earth shaking belly dancer! Now the show unfolded for me in my true delight and joy! One of my friends was watching for the first time and she was thrilled, she was saying how impressive every act and every scene was! Her awe and her happiness reminded me of my own, the fact we were all honoring and celebrating such beauty before us made us even more alive on that cold winter's night. I hugged and chatted up with the performers, with some of my old friends and I realized that they are all more like celebrities now! The popularity and their success is rather quite huge and exciting! I truly do hope the show keeps growing with all the great music montages and clever classy scenes! I felt vibrantly young leaving the party late that night, thinking about how much the show feels the same as always, full of sparkling magic and mystic,  I am glad that I went, that I met new people and laughed so hard my sides hurt! I am in awe of the talent, the strength and true joy of the whole show bringing entertainment out in real human form! and I was left to wonder if I could one day try Aerial Swinging on my own too?                     

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