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Sunday, May 1, 2016

United Way of Treasure Valley Children's Book Drive 2016

        April was such a busy month of activities, of working for Untied Way and being apart of this fun Book drive for the children of our community.

The days flew by as we setup the working space of cleaning and boxing books. 
I enjoyed learning and meeting so many good kind people!
I am so grateful for this experience, it was a magical time to see such happy good things happen as we all worked together!

At the end of the book drive we counted over 71,000 books donated from our beautiful friendly caring Treasure Valley!

I am so thankful for being apart of United Way, it's a wonderful organization giving and helping to better our society. 

 The Children's book drive brought out so much joy and laughter, the realization that there is a huge need to have access to books and learn to read more makes me reflect back over this past month with awe and true joy!

I am glad that I got to be involve and to be around such happy energy full of hope for our future, for every book and every story has something to teach us, something to help us better our lives!


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