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Thursday, April 24, 2014

The Secret of Life

                   When I come to think about what is life and how did it get here to this planet in the first place I am left in wonder of this unknown. 
It was taught to me when I was little of God made everything so it was nice to not keep asking this question over and over again.
Now as an adult I am responsible for my own facts and my own ideas.
I could be wrong more then when I was 3 years old when these answers were handed to me for no effort of my own soul searching.....
But now I can not say I know for sure until I actually DO!
Life is not lacking in it's force to thrive, some will make it and some will not. Like a seed in the ground it will NEVER stop trying to match all the chemistry to grow big and bountiful for as long as possible. Without the right combination for starting out the over all quality to this plant's life force is either amazing or cut short.
Like with humans in the same way we live or we simply survive then no matter how great life was in the end we all die. WE are all a world unto our own, in our own bodies individually. Yet this real world full of earthly energy is going out last us all unless we blow it up and then call ourselves GOD in the end as each human struggles with such a desire to be God for our own ego sake's, our own world in our minds.
I wonder why the adults in my childhood kept saying "Heaven, a place far away from this earth will be the paradise we really want to live forever in." I was left thinking "Why are we not killing ourselves to get there right away then? I want to live in this so called Heaven right now!"
As 3 decades found me older and wiser from my first idea of reaching Heaven before anyone else I knew....makes me chuckle and shake my head in realizing fear of pain and suffering made these people tell me things to help them cope not for me to take so literally. Heaven and Hell are actual emotions and feelings we carry inside each of us, if we beat our children we create a real hell or if we rock our babies to sleep we create a real heaven. In our own mind's eye we can tell stories of hell, of hurting and killing all the living beings around us, we can tell ourselves such stories as no one loves us so we hate all things this is hell in it's pure craziness. in our same mind we can stop to take a deep breath thinking how we carry endless love within our own soul, we hold the keys to forgiveness and grace THIS is the real Heaven we all long to live forever in! The secret of life is understanding how the true structure of our own personal choices will create the story before us, so it is simple in how we can choose hell or heaven right now. Everything else with all our millions of questions to know even more comes down to what we have to let go of trying to make full sense in how everything is connected and why.....I shall never stop asking such things while I can live free and in peace with what I have discovered so far and that is....
We can only control ourselves in what kind of life we live.

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