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Monday, April 21, 2014

The circle of Life

The circle of life isn't just for Elton John to sing about, it is ALL around us every single day. It makes us stop and think about it, or it can make us laugh and cry because ALL of life is here for this one second of right now then we stop to think about it even more and it's gone. For the circle of life is one simple second, some of us have millions of seconds to loose while others maybe in their last single second of life.......It's hard to judge ahead time, so I say be aware of all things living and enjoy the ride!
Easter Sunday was yesterday and normally I never think about it unless I am around kids THEN it's all about the colorful eggs to hide yet while I was growing up it was THE Sunday for my white dress shoes and I could not wear them until that Sunday with new brightly floral dresses, there was a sense of a celebration on Easter Sunday at Church over the Resurrection of Jesus. In church we called him the lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world, and was born again or brought back from death to life....THIS is the same story line of many Gods through out ALL of  history, and even more proof to me now that ALL of life is a circle.
I liked those days growing up in Church when Easter came along bringing changes to the surrounding decor of the auditorium and in bettering the moods of everyone I considered my friends.
We loved fresh flowers in our hair or hats, hugging each other with big grins while saying "He lives!" even though we all knew that he doesn't really, not ACTUALLY living for 200 years still.....Then that would be a TRUE miracle of mind blowing proportions. Easter was the celebration of life in general and not death, well....once you got passed the whole bleeding on the cross for all of humanity thing that had befallen Jesus 3 days before he became alive again saying if we can believe he did this whole crazy weekend thing then we can have eternal life like him! I think eternal life is something the ego of all humans every where would like to obtain! Looking back it is easy for me to believe even more strongly in the facts Life is a circle, and it all makes so much more sense to me then when I first started asking important questions like ....."So God left Jesus, his only son to suffer death when it's really the fault of all these people who carry this thing called "sin" around until one day they thought this SIN needs be paid back for all it's evil doings, and seems God is calling in the debt of this sin now that he created Jesus a perfect human being (So maybe not a real human being then??? yet how confusing are these layers of the story).......I wanted to know as a worried child "Did Jesus know? Did he know of God's big plan to bring him back life so he would not be so afraid in all that crazy touring pain of slowly dying for the sake of sin?" and I never got a straight answer from anyone.....
The world of Christianity is a deep entanglement, logic is replaced by the other thing called "Faith" but once again that is the circle of life, for we have faith in our understanding of each season in a year's time we have faith that one day winter will end and spring will come again! Yet  we act like we have never seen it before, all those magical things like green trees, tulips, and bunny rabbits!

          Ya know, I will never really like Easter, not for all chocolate in the world! Because it will always bring me back around to where I came from, to that strong minded religion and how I once believed in it all. How I cried over such a sad story of this wee little perfect lamb being slaughtered for sake of redemption, letting the guilt flood my soul as a teenager when really all along it was the Aries Ram shooting across the sky, sacrificing himself to get us through another spring time towards that idea of summer being our eternal life as we had once been dead asleep in winter. The truth is that there is no guilt in the signs and wonders where these legends grow.

The circle of life comes down to simply rolling right along with or without your bible or better yet your Easter basket!

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