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Thursday, April 6, 2017

Last Thankgiving

Thanksgiving day had me super excited and happily packing up my casserole and hubby to head over to Derek's newly remodel and fixed up home in Meridian, Idaho.

Derek opened his front door smirking "Of course YOU are early...." I burst out with such happy greetings! I loved how he welcomed me with hugs and happiness too.
It was a cold gray windy day as Derek kept working his deep fryer for the turkeys to cook outside while we all visited in his warm cozy living room that opened up into the kitchen nicely.
I joked around and helped him in his kitchen as our family began to arrive and as the day unfolded such yummy foods!
While our other brothers arrived in playing the shooting game again, while our mom rested on the couch with hot tea and appetizers I sat visiting with her at times, while Tony and our Dad talked politics and while our Davey helped get food to the table, we all enjoyed such a yummy family dinner that day all together, all happily getting along and having such a good time!

I had decided to take some pictures that afternoon, it was just so nice that all 4 brothers of mine were there since working jobs often take them away from holiday events. I felt truly blessed and truly happy to be in Derek's wonderful home, to have such a good time working together/helping each other set up a wonderful Thanksgiving Day!

My husband snapped this shot of Daren, Davis, Mom, Douglas, Derek and I all together, Derek and I were laughing when the picture was taken......I had no idea this was going to be the very last time I ever saw fun loving brother Derek.

Mom said out loud at the full dinner table "I would never make my kids eat anything they didn't like." Both Derek and I burst out in protest and laughter at how funny it was that she would say this when eating horrible things was a big part of our childhood punishment. We remember what our parents often forgot about those days almost 40 years was nice to have such a good friendship in my brother Derek.

I sure do miss him so!

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