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Sunday, May 8, 2016

Happy Mother's day

                This is a BEAUTIFUL morning! I have been working in my gardens and watering everything yesterday, I have also been getting set up with my table and chairs on my front patio because my mother is coming over for lunch today! 
     I am so happy to be able to entertain her and have a family time in my magical wonderful home <3 

       I am so grateful for my mother, visiting with her on the phone once a week is nice to chit chat and I am able to catch up with her without driving out there all day, if I miss calling her that week she will call me to connect again.  And I have gotten so much better at telling her "No" in going shopping every time I drive way out there to see her on the farm. Sometime we just go out for lunch or we take a drive through the wine country.

I am grateful to have this honest and open relationship with her, I was helping her in the shower last week asking her "Are you eating healthy? Have you lessen your sugar in take?" She shook her head saying "No" explaining back at me as I shaved her legs for her, "I am not going eat healthy until your Dad gets my bath tub installed. Then I will be happy and want to look good again." I laughed at her wide eyed honesty. I joked back that sometimes eating healthy brings about happiness in feeling good again.   
I enjoyed my mother as she is, I am grateful to be her friend in these days after her massive stroke.  

Mothers are a very important person in our lives, she is the first person we touch, the first person we listen to and the first person we run to for safety.
Mothers are the most powerful person who can choose whether we live or naturally on mothers day I sit in awe, in gratefulness and in wonder of that one person whose position is to raise and guide us. They can make or break us, they can give the voice in our heads such power over us as we grow up.

It's so important to understand this position of motherhood in order to create a better generation for world peace. I really do love this holiday because it's so full of new spring beauty outside! It shows how important love and care can gives us strength for the future!

Happy Mother's day!

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