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Friday, May 20, 2016


It was a cold winter's morning when I drove off to meet my good friend Ericka who was teaching a new yoga class. I had never done an actual yoga class before so I was excited that it was a new year and new routines were beginning!

Yoga has changed my life for the better, my group is friendly, calm and encouraging so I look forward to it with gratefulness and with joy!

Going 2 times a week is making me stay focus on good health choices and keeping me from getting lazy about stretching.
As I empty my mind, my busy schedule, my desire to make money and to make a nice home life is all put aside as I simply focus on myself. 
In those yoga classes I leave it all at the door taking a deep breath for that still moment in time.

I see the Oregon Coast when I end the session in stillness, this is my much needed peace. 
I miss being in Cannon Beach, it feels like it has been forever because we use to go twice a year back in the day....
Life gets busy and as I grow older I notice things grow into more responsibilities, we can't just leave town and drink coffee all day in the cute Oceanside town like we use to.

Yoga reminds me of when I would walk in the morning sun light against the sand, I can smell the salt water and I can see my dogs running ahead of me. It is good to do yoga for the mind and the soul not just for the whole body. I will never do advance or dangerous head stands of course that's not my style actually, I will adapt if my arm or leg is hurting to not strain it even more in my yoga routines. I am glad that Ericka invited me and she is a really good teacher! I feel like I am learning so many new things going to her classes! 

One of my most favorite moves is called "The goddess." and I feel like I can take on the world whenever I do that move! I love that fresh renewing high after each yoga class, I have this understanding that I am capable of doing so many things with my life and with my new strength!
Yoga has been a great choice for my new year, it is apart of my joy, my renewed hope for growing old gracefully and wisely.
I am thankful to The Goddess, to the ability in doing yoga as apart of my everyday life now!

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