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Monday, November 9, 2015

Sacred Land

Sacred Land is what I see all around me since I moved into this new place a week ago, I have been so busy up and down the stairs, out in the garage, in the garden and in the backyard....this land is sacred I can feel it as we head into winter so quickly. I know that by living here I can grow things, learn and love every minuet once again outside. The cats and dogs watch me walk around with them and I talk about the wonder of this place....they all seem to understand and get it now after one full week of everyday being beside me in this new backyard, we are safely tucked in at night surrounded by this sacred land. I am ready to entertain company now, ready to nap with my pets and cook again. The front yard is all a magical medicine garden which I have eaten flowers from it everyday this week in the stress of moving and unpacking I have sat on my front patio in the sun light petting my cat Jazzy telling her to be good and stay close to home so i can watch over her.....the world here looks BEAUTIFUL and I am being called to save the land all around me I can feel it in the breeze and in the joy of waving at my new neighbors, This morning as I drink my coffee I read this article that spoke right to me! "Marrying the Land." I have always been connected to this earth but lately I feel like I need to understand better and create even more with my time left to live, the taste of the flowers makes me smile when my hours are distracted by boxes and I feel instantly healthy just at the thought of such beautiful blossoms growing around my front door, WELCOME HOME is what this sacred land says to me......and I will faithfully love it right on back!   

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