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Thursday, November 12, 2015

Land Mark

      There is a place in my home so beautiful at first light, so peaceful in the sunset evenings and so easy for my husband to let our dogs outside safely while still staying warm and keeping an eye on them the whole time.... It's our new sun room or as my husband calls it 
"The conservatory." 

For me this sun room is welcoming and bright, full of thoughtfulness facing the back yard and big garden. I love that the cats all race outside to hide in the flowers only to meow or paw at the sliding glass doors in order to get back inside for warmth. 
Moving just before winter is crazy, but it does feel so cozy when all of my pets adjust nicely to the new land and find their own routines once again. This room is a land mark for the whole house it is the only way to get down stairs to the master suite. It's connected to my galley way kitchen and it is the brightest room of all....I love my coffee brewing counter being the first thing I see when I wake up, the pantry shelving and my huge growing collection of coffee mugs at my reach. 
This is the room all the pets meet and greet every morning, and where they go one last time before bed in the dark cold nights I love all those open windows in the privacy of our backyard where the cats want to look outside without being stuck in such cold with the afternoon shade this room is always welcoming and I stand there looking out unto the landscape of my new life ahead! 
This Sun room is my true land mark for beginning my day or in saying goodnight to world before descending into the cozy basement bedding. I am in awe of my new place, everyday I am grateful and I am thankful for these walls of pure love to fill my heart and build my strength in being the best person I can be! With arms wide open I love my cats and my dogs, I chat it up with my new neighbors and cook dinner for old friends......This is the land mark of my life, a deeper connection to the outside world with such a safe sacred sun room to greet me with a sunny "Good Morning!" each new day :-D

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