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Friday, October 2, 2015

The Strength of Wolves

The strength of wolves is both awe inspiring or terrifying, because if they wanted to eat you, as the mere human being that you are then they can. If I could choose my "spirit animal" I would hope to be a wolf because I love and relate to dogs so much! 
Wolves are so magical, beautiful and strong. They protect their own, they are social beings and clever in surviving. They are an important part to the wilderness, an important part of our own awareness on this earth. It's a powerful moment to see one in it's own world, in it's own wise eye........if our souls really do travel through the line up on creatures being a wolf has to be at the top of the totem pole in pure beauty and bravery. They are being hunted by humans, they are victims of the fear and power struggle in society growing....I respectfully know meeting one on the hiking path could be deadly just like with a mountain lion or a bear this is why it's called "The Wild." I would like to think my peaceful energy and my desire to do no harm to them would allow us to pass by each other in harmony like a magical scene in my childhood favorite movie,  
"The Journey of Natty Gann" I remember watching that movie a hundred times over really wanting my own loyal protecting wolf friend like that too! (I also wanted to kiss John Cusack but that's apart of the joy in imagination, attraction and good storytelling)

To the wolf we own so much after our past history of mistreatment, of such slaughter. Let us be aware of their strength and soul, giving back to them a wilderness to live in and a respectful awareness that we all need each other to exist in harmony for the parts we play on earth in balancing everything out for survival, for our journey.  

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