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Friday, September 25, 2015

A walk in the early morning...

It's not easy to get up when it is dark and cold outside, at least for me it is not easy. I was thinking for a dog, for a dog whose owner had knee surgery and can't walk I can get up, up, up into the Boise foothills before dawn.....then I did it, drank my 2 cups of black coffee ate my yogurt and mixed nuts on the go swinging out the door of my deeply asleep home to meet my friend at her lovely home in the quiet neighborhood off of warm springs. She clearly loves her dogs and wants the best for them even at a time of healing her leg. I had no problem happily helping her out and over 2 hours flew by under such a magical morning fall sky! THIS is the change of the earth and shift into fall after all the crazy busy days of summer leave me strong and healthy! I welcomed in the Equinox  this week with magic every where around me! With Arrow my new friend, a dog of great strength and beauty in his wise 9 years of good training and total trust in humans. I saw something so mystical that morning high up the hillside as he ran all over coming by to lick and snuggle me a moment then shooting off again to be completely free as all dogs should live in such safety if I had my say in our society! I breathed in the cool air of the city before like a landscape painting it was out there but I was not there in it....I was safely, peacefully and happily tucked away from all noise and all sound to where the trails took me and I loved it all! Arrow ran until he was completely wiped out and walked again beside on the leash into his neighborhood for his breakfast awaited him and he KNEW that! Life is as captivating at sunrise as at sunset along with our appreciation to touch the sky!                           

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