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Thursday, October 15, 2015

The Strength of Mountain Lions

           It's been a busy weekend, a busy month actually.....every single day since we decided to move my life has changed greatly from day to day chores to long detailed lists of house cleaning and finish yard work or my garden projects. My focus on my pets has been constant lately as they seem to get hurt all at the same time...healing is so important to me in doing everything I can before running off to the vet. (So far I have been able to heal my pets on my own growing knowledge)

It all leaves me to wonder of the strength in cats to constantly get hurt and healed, and then the fact that mountains lions live in the wild looking just like my house cats only do they heal in the world without a human's help? 
There is a wonder in what is out there growing on this earth with magical powers in nature and in finding the answers for healing without any doctors or any corporate control. 
The whole world has been around longer then this society, this system of things going on right now....I am left to hike up the highest hill in this beautiful city Of Boise Idaho and look out over all those buildings, growing, changing and thriving over once was wilderness, it was all high desert thirsty and dry seeking refreshment at the bank of the Boise river before the city came about. Now the city grows on higher in the skyline, the river stays in place yet some of the wild life is pushed out.  my best friend Benny's kids who had come to stay with me, we wondered what would we do if we saw a mountain lion or a bear as we hiked the foothills.....I reminded them through the twisting trails "We shouldn't panic, we shouldn't try to get to any closer as well. If we see a bear or a mountain lion then we need to stay calm and brave. IF they can smell fear then we need to have happy good thoughts and don't scream or run, there are many steps in protecting one's self being respectful towards the powerful creatures but just remember first and foremost to not run or move to fast." We made it to the top of the hillside the valley below looked like a game board to me, like little pieces set up to conquer resources, it was comforting to know we were never in any real danger nor were we anywhere near a mountain lion. I think they are beautiful creatures, like all my house cats only amazingly wild and fully strength! The kids and I spent the mid morning singing songs, jumping over rocks, we looked at wild flowers talking about sage brush and watched red ants work in the dirt as we hiked. Being nature is healthy and wise, it magical and fun! As nice as technology is also, we need to never forget the strength of mountain lions where they live and where we walk, for ALL the wild beings out there in the wilderness, share this world under the very same sky! Our strength comes from learning more about all the magic powers and all the beautiful strength in beings before us!

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