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Wednesday, October 28, 2015

The Strength of Women

In this year of 2015 I chose the word BRAVE on January 1st. Now looking back I am AMAZED by how important focusing on bravery helped me face this year of constant change, It has been comforting to think of my main word everyday because it give me strength in who I am and whatever I had to face......
Today is my 1000th blog post and I am very different person from my first blog posting's at a time as this that leaves me reflecting over all I have learned since first starting up this blog, most importantly I am deeply grateful for the many women in my life whom I love and lean on! There is a sense of safety, of self awareness and of magical spiritual things when women come together for each other! 
I have that circle of friends, of wise women handing down their talents, gifts and knowledge for a better future, creating a safe place and a sacred sisterhood. I am growing, learning and discovering my inner strength as a woman that shows me the true soulful strength that proves we are the storytellers for how our family grows, for the hope of the next generation in being brave and standing strong in the strength of women.

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