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Sunday, February 22, 2015

Into the Woods

   "Into the Woods" I knew it the moment I saw Meryl Streep that I AM going to LOVE this movie! Now I hardly ever go to movie theaters anymore, yet in making new friends this year I have been more in the last 3 months now then in ALL the last 3 years combine.....funny how life unfolds. I was impressed with myself in seeing every film listed at our local movie theater last month. I am so use to going alone since my husband dislikes such places, yet over this holiday break he attended a movie with me only complaining once trying hard not to complain out loud less I counted that as negative attitude in my quest to make life happier for us. 
Going to the movies on my own is the most romantic magical experiences for me because I miss out on NOTHING, I take it all in with such wonder! Like in every chair and every light, in every word and every move from the big screen or from all around me! I really love sinking into another world fully and completely! I look forward to feeling the emotions in the story before me. I take it all in as if it as my own life, my own stories.....I enjoy relating and being lead to think more about the show when it is over.
 Going to the movie theater alone allows me such piece of mind, such well being.
Yet going with a friend I love our shared laughter and tears while watching it at the same time and I love feeling like it's a night on the town simply walking arm in arm reflectively or debating over the whole experience together!
As Shanna and I went together to see "Into the Woods" in the middle of the school day, we were laughing at how rare it was to be there and how fun to do something so different in our day while she said "I think you are the only friend I know who would like seeing this with me." I laughed kindheartedly because I knew exactly what she meant, I live for fairy tales, so this movie delighted me in every way! 
I noticed how nice it was to burst out laughing together, to cheer on together and to lean in saying at the same time "How PERFECT!" then giggle even more. Friends are so important to our good health, I am grateful to have such hearts of gold for random afternoon flicks like that.
Then as Johnny Depp suddenly appeared on screen, I squealed out "YES!" in delighted surprise as Shanna laughed on at me as there were not very many movie goers around us I explained "This is my kind of world, my kind of movie completely!" She nodded on proudly saying "So I noticed." then we happily watched all the magic unfold.....

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