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Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Challenging Season

                    It is cozy and fun in the first snow fall, and it's a nice rest from digging the dirt or raking up leaves but after awhile winter feels like one long foggy mess of coldness. Thank goodness for all my pets to cuddle up with and for all the blankets I keep adding to my collections. 

It is my most challenging season. Winter.

 For I love the sunshine whenever it pops out as the rare hope it can give! Yet I usually spend my time making sure every cat has a big towel bed on the floor and I'm home by 5pm before the fog sets in. In the middle of the night I get up to cover all my cats and dogs with a baby blanket or make sure they are all in a warm place. I feel like winter has the longest nights at times, mornings are even more difficult in bitter cold or in a surprise snowfall. I like my "Not driving long distance." rule whenever it snows. Then I put on more clothes and drink coffee all day long.....wishing I had real flowers growing outside but instead I hurry to the store for those cheerful colors of the fresh flowers next to the fresh berries in hopes to comfort me when I'm feeling restless at midnight Oooops I meant at 6pm in the darkness of winter it's so hard to tell what time it is all night long!
In the first part of winter I go to bed early feeling super painfully cold, in this latter part I stay up much later almost confused by morning looking all gray as if it's still 3am??? So I think it is very safe to explain how winter is very confusing for me in how I tell time AND I know winter and I will not be good friends, not ever.
I love the holidays for the magical distraction to winter but they don't last as long as I would like, I like any event where I can cook up comfort foods in winter time! I follow the survival of winter checklist religiously in all 5 steps, but I still feel trapped by the cold air when I open my front door to grab the mail or let a cat back inside. The dogs and I stand under the cover of our patio talking about who is the first to step out into that storm? 
It's a challenging season for us all if maybe not very safe unless ya can find some pillows and blankest to help soften these long soggy days:-) 

the 5 steps are;

1. Get more sleep then usual.

2. Take a walk or be outside for even a few minuets each day even in a storm, Get fresh air!

3. See friends in person or do something for fun.

4. Cook some new recipes and keep cocktails on stock in case ya get snowed in:-)

5. Get a massage or have a spa day and always, ALWAYS dress warm!

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