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Sunday, February 8, 2015


There is such deep beauty in getting old for me and I can not wait! Maybe it is the knowing time is short so go have an adventure right away that thrills my senses and my hope in the future! Maybe it is the companionship, the caring for each other as we grow old that comes into focus more where as I see young people so busy in their lives, busy in business and busy trying to get rich....that I sigh with anticipation for my gray hair days of sweet peace and calmness in my soul over knowing exactly who I am. Whenever I visit my mother I tell her how I truly love her gray hair it's different shades of gray all curly very much like Dotty's in the movie "Cloudburst" in fact when I first watch this film I thought instantly of my own mother. She wants to go on an adventure so bad she can almost taste it then her parallelized side reminds her that she can't do anything like she use to so she hates being old, she also hates her gray hair and well her whole life now. I feel sorry in not having the power to heal her again, it teaches me so much in what she shares and I know whenever I visit her that I can bring the laughter and love with me. It is why getting old doesn't frighten me at all, that same delight in my life, in my love will follow me all the way to my own walker of a nursing home!  She reminds me now in my middle age life to not take anything for granted and be careful who you let care for you in your helpless time in need. "Cloudburst" was one such story of true devotion and how good it is to be rescued by the one you love!  The whole movie had me laughing out loud, had me nodding my head as the young man they were giving a ride came to help them out because without the strength of the youth being old would not be so safe. I related to each character in some way and I LOVE the morning dance because that is the key to laughter and love as we remember to never stop playing around and dancing once we wake! This love story, this fun adventure, this real movie made me laugh, made me proud, made me cry and made me clearly say wisely
"BEST Fucking day of my life!"

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