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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Into the whole 30

It's been fun cooking a different kind of meat almost every night, I am getting back into our old style of eating it is like coming out of the woods for sure!
It was in 2011 that our paleo cookbooks came to our kitchen counters and our bodies changed forever for the better! Even all my in-laws got on boat loosing weight and feeling more playful in their 5th decade of life, How inspiring it all was in that romantic year that I often wonder what happen since then for myself? Was it my mother's stroke, was having to move when I didn't want to? Was the stressful schedule as my husband started law school that made me suddenly see my life change tragically???
Suddenly I needed comfort instead of caring about nutrition, suddenly I spiraled into gaining weight again and mood swings I was not sue to.....all the while I told myself "I can stop anytime, whenever I want to." JUST like a drug addict in protest over a bad habit in their life style, because sugar is a drug to me. It is a sweet poison that when life totally sucks I found fake happiness and comfort.

Of course in June of 2013 I was already on edge, with challenges in my marriage and an over all frustration with myself which makes me think it is all connected in not feeling healthy, in not feeling connected to the better part of the world......that was the summer I never went to bed without a gin&tonic or a hard lemon aid in hand because I was deeply hurting, it was like my blood ran thick and my bones ached in the soreness of sadness that never broke away for a break......I still can feel it when I remember that sad summer, my grief still flares up here and there making me say "Fuck it, I NEED a drink!" but that cocktail can never bring my best friend back to me, back to the bar stool beside me like old times when we gossiped and giggle I know exactly why I basically gave it all up, gave up on that joy in nutrition and good health. There are always going to be sad stories, many different types of excuses to keep kicking my sugar addiction ball down the road.
My focus on living to hundred means I need to dial it all back in right now, not later when I find happiness again, not when I have accomplished a life's dream or when I can see my best friend again because those things are not the beginning to this moment of right now........

Benny chuckled through the phone saying "You need to move here to Chicago and cook me one of those amazing homemade meals of yours! I'm seriously sick of take out here in my hotel room." I groaned back "Ooooh man, that would be so hard living in a hotel room for so long...I hate it when we go on vacation with no kitchen because after a few days I'm itching to cook something better to eat! hahahahaha" She replied thoughtfully "You have been looking really healthy from the pics on Facebook so you must be doing something right, I'm just not inspired on my own BUT if YOU were around me then I would be! hahahahaha" I happily shared with her some of my new recipes saying cheerfully "Life is short, after my mother's stroke I realized I can't afford to be lazy about sugar's poison anymore."

Today is the second week into "The whole 30."  I am starting to feel better, even more alert once again without the sugar rush I have been allowing in my life. Happiness is apart of my gratefulness in having known such a friend as Benny, now it's time that I don't avoid a healthier choice in living along side all of our losses and our grief.
These 30 days of  NO sugar, NO alcohol, NO grains, NO dairy, NO caffeine have been a familiar of taste of what once made me feel so strong when I step out into the sunshine and declared 
"I want to LIVE!" 
To cook kale; heat skillet on medium heat with a big spoonful of Coconut oil as it all melt toss kale leaves sprinkle salt and pepper then stir around awhile until it looks the way ya like it.
Then cut avocado in half scoop out with spoon pile on salsa.
To roast goose; heat oven 325' put into roasting pan poke it all over with a fork then salt and pepper all over then into the heated oven, wait 45 minuets or until the internal heat is 130' then take it out cut off the breast of the goose, then the rest go back into the oven until the thigh is 170', sear skin side down after it all comes out of the oven in a medium heated skillet with ghee or coconut oil for 3 minuets. The cut for the dinner plate and enjoy an almost steak like texture!

(The best way I remember nutrition is like the yen and yang symbol, with the alkaline and the acidity balancing each other perfectly)

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