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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Delicate Decor

 It was such a nice day to do my deep cleaning yesterday, where I wipe the room down from top to bottom only to bump into an old card on the wall in which I stopped to read for I had completely forgotten about this almost 2 years ago as I pinned it to the wall Benny was visiting my new place for the afternoon, she kept saying how magical that room was just like me so I didn't think twice of showing off the card she gave me.....My life was made so beautiful with a friend like her in it! I will always miss her but yesterday as I stared on in surprise that I had completely forgotten this card was here I felt such a rush of old memories, I was in awe of seeing her speak to me again as though it was just yesterday when we sat together in this big room surrounded by boxes! Benny held out a frame of our old snap shots in a photo booth 10 years before asking "You kept these!?! I forgot all about that day, why are our faces painted? Where were we again?" I giggled as I slide up next to her looking through the same box of frames and photo albums "We went to a festival downtown Nampa that day and did everything! It was so much FUN....You don't remember?" She shrugged chuckling "I guess I don't, but since you framed it must mean that you do! How did I get such a good friend as you I wonder...." I smirked standing back up to finish decorating the room "I am like a unicorn full of magic, ya can't stay away from me for long!" I waved the card out at her as she burst out laughing saying "I knew that card was PERFECT for you!"

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