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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Holiday Shopping Awareness

Whenever I go visit my mother for the day, I set aside my own personal time, my own personal shopping list and my way of life, to be with her one hundred percent! It is important to me that she feels pretty, feels strong and rested if we are going shopping. We will choose 2 or 3 stores to go to that she really wants, we will try to see family and friends of whom she wants to whenever possible and if we have time then we will eat at a place she is craving. My hope is to honor her, respect her and bring life to her wishes over anything else in the history of time at the very moment. This being said I still get pissed off by OTHER shoppers out there who do NOT see my mother's struggles in being paralyzed and half blind. I will hold my mother's limp arm over the shopping cart never letting go as it support her whole body weight. This is clearly visual to those around us, 2 women holding on to the same cart while walking very slowly and carefully, I don't care if the WHOLE world had to walk behind us and stupidly get stuck, while they are acting impatient or trying to cut in front of us, I don't care at all and don't take it personal, for THESE people can kiss my ass or just learn how to wait and I am PROUD to say so! When I go shopping on my own I hold the door for other shoppers without a second thought, I step out of the way really fast when a wheel chair is coming my way and I even grab things off of high shelves for people with canes, these are ALL strangers living and shopping beside me. I am the youth, the balanced protector so why not help a person off the floor if they trip or even flush the toilet for them when they are confused and lost in public restrooms???? THERE is nothing to fear in helping, in calmly waiting on another person!!!! AUGH I am still annoyed and very preachy by these people out there so clueless, so rude and so selfish! I WILL and DO tell them to their face what I see that they clearly DO NOT....Respect for OTHER people! When I shop on my own with my mother it is important for me to bring her into the store steadily, calmly and often I have learn to hold a door to get in with one leg and the other moves along side my mother's brace. When a gentleman comes to hold the door for me I can stand upright with chin high and thank him dearly, but it doesn't happen as an automatic anymore, where are those guys who held doors and carried your bags for you? Are we so guarded anymore that polite manners and kindness is an awkward moment? I hope to God that we wake up and start living with eyes wide open to other people's struggles....You don't have to move in with the old man and his bad leg but you CAN hold the flipping door awhile he walks in and shops even if holding that door means 10 extra minuets of your time to be still and yet smiling at all those more important peoples passing you by while plowing over the old man.....I see it time and time again those selfish souls when I walk side by side with my mom and I know exactly how to be very sweet and clear to them when they are the stupid ones, I also see help from many other sales clerks and customers so it's not all mean rude people out there but I have no problem facing the world as it unfolds in front of me. I will always protect and respect my mother, I will keep from loosing my temper when we are pushed around because I can speak, I can say what needs to be said and explained to those rude holiday shoppers how proud them must feel stepping on a handicap person, or ignoring personal space. I carry the fire, the love and the protection this is how I can stand my ground! This is how I can see the needs of others with no personal insult to myself, I can also see that another shopper might just NOT be educated on politeness, for that reason I write about this today.... AND I will face them with all due respect in hopes to further their education on manners, if you are not blind, if you are not paralyzed then step out of the way or help for goodness sake!!!

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