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Thursday, December 20, 2012

Holiday Movie Time

     My favorite movie for Christmas is "It's A Wonderful Life." 
It's magical, it's loving and It's a classic! The beautiful message of how one person's life touches so many others is timeless! Happiness at the end of this film bring tears to my eyes every time and that deep rich message is refreshing for the soul, sharing the goodness of Christmas always!
 (This movie was also the one that got my husband to start liking Christmas again after we had been married a few years, because I watched it all the time he finally join me one day and truly loved it too!)

When it comes to another feel good movie "Elf" is my second favorite, (It's not pervy in normal Will Farrel ways) It is truly funny and clever! I have seen it a hundred times and laugh fully as if I have never seen it and quote lines ALL the time....My husband says I'm very much like Buddy the Elf, each year for Christmas I get super eexcited, decorate and having a very trusting way towards others around me. This movie shows how important it is to PLAY around Christmas time even if you are an adult! Magical stories of Santa, with candy cane forest and ideas of drinking tons of syrup makes me smile every time I watch it!

"A Christmas Story" was one of those popular movies while I was growing up that my mom wouldn't allow me to watch. Now it's my first movie to enjoy every year, I LOVE the whole family setup and what Christmas looks like through a kid's memory. The lamp leg makes me wish I had one in my own home, so AWESOME and the little brother stuck in the snow is so cute! But at the end of the movie the glowing of the tree in a dark home reminds me of my own place, if only we got fresh snow fall too then it's a classic movie coming to true life!

"National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation" I can not count how many times I make references to this movie during the holidays. It's hilarious and clever, showing how getting family all together at times is true craziness and yet the Dad has a picture of a romantic Christmas with everything and everyone is perfect beyond the reality of the situation. I feel JUST like him in this movie many times and so this is a film I watch over and over again!

"Love Actually" I saw this in the theater around Christmas and knew instantly that it will be a new classic and tradition to always watch for Christmas! Full of laughter, full of love, full of great music and with many different story lines of these people all connected makes this Christmas movie truly wonderful, inspiring and fun for the holidays!

"Bridgette Jones Dairy." Perhaps one of the most romantic holiday movies EVER! How real is Bridgette and how funny! She writes in her dairy with such thoughts that we all have had, she is truly adorable and clumsy. And yet she is learning in life how true love will find her after favorite scene is at the end of course for I would totally run after my man in my undies too! hahahahahahaha

"Grumpy Old Men" Not a traditional Christmas movie for everyone but I LOVE LOVE LOVE these old guys and hope we are all inspired to keep good friendships all through our lives.

"Muppets Christmas Carol" Every since I saw this as a kid I remember it all so well! I laugh more now in watching it then the first time, its a connection to my youth, a memory of how much I will always enjoy the Muppets, all the Christmas specials that they did over the years I am trying to collect for it was such a fun time in history to have the Muppets around more!

Every Christmas eve we watch "A Christmas Carol" with George C. Scott at first it was very creepy to me, then my husband said it's from his childhood tradition so I've learned to enjoy it, now it's a very fun tradition. Not quite the upbeat happy movie like Mickey's Christmas Carol that I grew up on but still a holiday classic more real in life as we live it........


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