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Sunday, October 30, 2016

U2 - Who's Gonna Ride Your Wild Horse - Official Music Video - HD

My candle burns over this Halloween weekend with the words "Wild Sisterhood." written in the wax and I see the flame claim my desire to  stay wild, I am left thinking of all the women in my life who stood up for themselves and learn to be confident!

Never stop fighting for equal rights, never stop demanding the same respect as a man for women who have the magic in them live such an adventurous life FULL of stories in the mystical world of wonder and of birth!

I am a women of great joy for the great life I have!

In my dreams that I have of wild horses running strong and free, of sitting next to my best friend even though I know she has died, of waking up in a world full of need and trying to make it better......

Who will replace me after I have died too? and can I live in a place so perfect and beautiful like those images in my head that make me peaceful calm in facing all things of my life time?

The day of the dead, the Holy eve of October and all the magic in the air I always light a candle for the souls that I have lost, in honor of the flame's great beauty to the living and the warm comfort of my smile and hugs to hand out candy and to just be in the moment of all things!

The only fear I have is one day there will be no more wild horses............. 

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