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Thursday, March 10, 2016

How I was born...


"Take a deep breath and start eating real food again.
Reverse the damage of your modern diet and return your body to its optimal fat-burning state. Sure, it will take some work to trade in your modern food staples, habits, and diet myths to make (or find) fresh, wild, natural food these days. But the weight loss results and health benefits are well worth the changes.
We’re not meant to starve ourselves or count calories. We’re wired to eat and live luxuriously without getting fat. That’s what we’ve been doing effortlessly for generations, in fact, before we started surrendering our food choices to companies and following the wrong advice.
If you’re carrying a few (dozen) extra pounds and feeling constantly hungry, I’ve learned that it’s likely not because you’re eating too much. You’re overweight and hungry because you’re eating modern foods. You see, when you’re hungry, you don’t crave food. You crave nutrition. And most modern meals we eat today are devoid of the critical nutrients our bodies need to thrive.
The Wild Diet is not a dietary boot camp; it is a template for how you can realistically opt out of the modern food grid that is keeping you fat and sluggish with ease and without anyone noticing. In fact, as a rule, the closer you can get to eating plants and animals that would thrive in their wild and natural habitat, the more likely you are to thrive in your modern world today." 
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This is what I think about nutrition in which if we can get back to the WILD or as close to the real world of nature then we are made into better human beings.
I have been learning about the "Wild Diet" from Abel James this winter and since it is very closely fitted to my "Primal" life style I realized THIS is exactly how I eat and live nowadays....
I haven't been to the Doctors in almost a decade now, I haven't had any weird health issue, no allergies, no chronic pains, no regularities or trouble fact since I lost 50 pounds 4 years ago I have a better night's sleep and body strength through out my days! I AM the living proof that knowing what you eat is KEY to longevity and great quality in that life time. I am excited to live to 100 if I can keep up in good nutrition and if I can keep this eternal joy! 
My mother had a stroke almost 5 years ago as I have written about it over those first days and over my reflective topics since then....I went home from the hospital that night I threw away 5 kinds of sugar bags and 4 kinds of baking ingredients like the scary unknown fake fat called Crisco.
 AND my body changed instantly from suddenly being aware of what I ate, she drank gallons of soda over her 53 years when her stroke took her down I threw away any and all food coloring, syrups and fruit drinks...soda is a rare drink in my life now and I embrace all the fermentation teas and recipes for my good gut needs.             

 "It’s time to stop eating what companies want to serve you and listening to the peddlers of prescriptions and diet products. Your food, your body, and your health have been hijacked by special interests that are not your own."-Abel James
My mother shares so easily with me now ALL about how when she was 20 years old she realized that she was pregnant with me so she was very focused on nutrition, good vitamins, good foods and lots of water...exercise daily even doing sit ups which the doctors told her later wasn't a safe idea for me in her womb....
I guess being her very first baby I had a great start in life from all she did for me in those 9 months before I popped out into this world, 
I am deeply grateful that she was young and healthy, that she never allowed me sugar even as I grew up especially when my teeth came in and as my brain grew together. I look back in awe at how I was born, how she shares with me what she thought and did to protect me back then, honestly I was very lucky because she grew tired of doing that 5 more times! So as the health issues of my sibling keep growing I stay the same if not improving as I learn more and more in my adult years now.....
Mother sighed just the other day when we went shopping together she explained "When I was pregnant with YOU I didn't know any better...I ate my veggies and refused the ice cream bowl because I was so afraid you wouldn't develop correctly so I never touched desserts....but once you were born all fine and your father teased me for being crazily worried for nothing I decided I could eat whatever I wanted after that!"   
I sighed sadly listening to her explain her past to me as I realized my siblings were never as lucky as I was....
I felt sad for them in that reflective moment it ALL makes sense now for me!
 So I asked my mother "Why did you give up on not eating sugar after I was born? If you were reading about nutrition why wouldn't you stick with it?" She snorted back at me like I was ridiculous in asking as she explained better "Because it was ALWAYS changing, no one seemed to know what they were talking about! I suffered 9 months with you in not enjoying myself then to find out you were born normal and fine, so why did I worry so much and not trust God like I should of? I came to realize I can eat anything and everything while I was pregnant and God gave me healthy good babies every time." 
I frowned a bit thinking of the clearly noticeable issues and challenges that my siblings have to face every day as they grow older, as they suffer from sudden mood swings or allergies. 
My mother replied to my concern "That's all from your father's side of the have wear eye glasses because of HIM not me...." 
I chuckled at her true honesty just shaking my head saying simply "Oh, okay...?" 
(in our mother's womb is where we start as human beings, long before we ever draw our first breath what she eats WE eat.) 
The world in the 90's for my mother's diet was so drastically different from when she first gave birth to me in 1979....I look back at it all in a chart form connecting the dots to why I feel like something happened to the over all healthy in my mother, in my family, as a teenager and then unto my siblings.....
I am HUGE advocate to good health, reading everything and learning to whose body is an example of good food and good genetics? What can I do to better my eye sight and better my life? Who knows the best advice and who lives the longest? I can see my mother's stroke was a wake up for me, maybe better yet explained a CALLING to better understanding in nutrition, I saw that she was so unhealthy leading up to her stroke for in our last phone conversation a few days before she was very sleepy and confused. I asked naturally "Are you okay? You sound far away?" She replied back "I'm not sure, I've had this head ache lasting for to long? what were we talking about just now?" I giggled and said "You NEED to get some sleep." not realizing the next time I saw her it would be in the ER.....

I am truly grateful for my mother to suffer through no sugar back in those days of bringing me into this world.....
My mother didn't realize just how important it was that she gave me a fighting chance in life by being so healthy in her first pregnancy, I'm the living proof!

I don't have autism, I don't have social anxiety, I don't have any illness, I am not bi-polar, I am not allergic to mowing the grass nor am I allergic to animals....

I was given a beautiful gift at birth! I was given a healthy being to live in!

I hope that I can use this good health to better the lives of those around me every day with all the wonderful knowledge I now have! 
Never underestimate the power as women that we have, for we can bring good health into our families, into the future and these generations to come! Knowledge is power of changing your fate and giving your soul the grace to live in the best way possible!

BE BRAVE and BE WILD for that is how I was born!

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