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Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Young and Beautiful

"will you still love me when I'm no longer young and beautiful?"
It's a heart stopping song, it's so powerful and beautiful! It's captivating in every single word as the music builds up towards this blast of sound and this blast of emotion in which every time I heard it my heart stops and I think it's perfect!

It's a very real song to me....maybe because it speaks to fact we all loose our youth and our idea of how we should look....This song "Young and Beautiful" by Lana del rey that I first heard in the remake of the movie "The Great Gatsby" had me crying soft silent tears while watching it's great beauty in the theater alone, the message that we can be mistaken in love or in trusting the wrong person is so truly powerful it speaks to the very heart and soul of all of us in never wanting to be abandon or betrayed. The raw truth that we can never stay young, that we can never keep our smooth skin as the years bring added wrinkles...some people fight it and some people hide it but I can not wait for gray hair and wrinkles because I love getting older and wiser feeling more depth to myself and wondering  how did I know to ask my husband if he would still love me when I am no longer beautiful before we got married? Because it's a very important question in this magical song as she sings about finding a lover who will not leave her once her beauty is gone. I have never wanted to be loved for my looks, nor would I ever depend on them for gaining some kind of security for my future....These years in my 30's will be like a blink of the eye as I delight in growing older for my soul and for my new adventures! I happily married my husband because being in love and in a good friendship was far more important to me then our outward beauty. To be brave enough to ask these questions in the beginning of meeting your lover will help guide the pathway through the ever changing years ahead. Nothing is forever except for LOVE and when you can love who you are in all the ages of your life then finding those who you can trust becomes easier. When we ask this very important question we can learn to not waste our time with the wrong sort, with those who only see our outward appearances. And if we pay attention to the fact that as we grow old our ideas of what is beautiful grows with us......our light, our soul being shines from with in even unto our very end.

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