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Monday, July 18, 2016

Getting Away

Lava Hot Springs

                It was a spur of the moment idea to head over to Lava Hot springs for our 13th Anniversary. It was nice on the 4th of July to have a BBQ at my in-laws in Caldwell so the dogs could sleep there for the few days we were gone. I don't like to be with out them very long so it was a nice little break but next time we both said we will take a trip that includes them with us because it doesn't feel the same, our pets are all getting old and I am very aware of time not staying this way for long....
Our vacations to the Oregon Coast with our dogs have always been my most favorite memories of all so I hope to do that again soon!
Tony wasn't impressed with Lava Hot Springs like I was, He did get to relax as life keeps him busy and as he figures out his future career.
I guess life is like that moving in shifts of stressful planning
and calm relaxing, There is nothing ahead we can control so I prefer to delight in the little things of magic right here and now, Like the Fairy garden of the B&B we stayed at.  I walked all over the neighborhood noticing a lot of older people there, where as the huge fun pool was full of kids laughing and playing, I truly loved that sound in the background as I walked around. Tony got some cheese and wine while we sat on the patio talking. 

Being married 13 years feels strange because it doesn't sound that long at all yet it feels like a whole other life time when we got married, in fact many who were at our wedding have now passed away....this is the truth in living, everything is changing every day! 

When we drove over to Lava Hot Springs I was wiped out from such crazy freeway traffic that I took a nap in our lovely room with a sweet purring fluffy cat who came to join me and nap too!
How sweet and nice to be a night away from my Jazzy Girl only to find another cat exactly like her!

The hot soak in our room's Jacuzzi with wine spritzers reminded me of our wedding night after all the ceremony was done, how we soaked in a Jacuzzi back then saying how worn out we were and laughing over every little thing because we had never been that tired before!  

"It's strange to think getting married wasn't that long ago....yet nothing is as it was back then." I said with a thoughtful sigh and my husband replied back with a cute smile "I feel like it can only get better from here on out, now."  
Taking the time to get away, to relax for a day was really nice as I daydreamed about having a simple life in a cute little town like that!

I would love to run a Bed&Breakfast like the nice gentleman I met who was serving us and visiting about all of his life adventures! There was another couple staying across the way from who had gotten married on that same day, it was so sweet and nice to visit with them awhile too.

It's important to take time to get away from everything, to meet new people and to go on an adventure. I liked having time to think about the future and the past, but I was truly happy to just be in the present moment of drinking my morning coffee with the summer sunshine bursting through the dinning room window as the breakfast was cooking in that lovely nice B&B.

The world is such a BEAUTIFUL place to explore and time is such a gift to have and to hold, to share and to plan.....most importantly to love it all!

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