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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Into Winter nights

To the darkness that starts to roll in so very early, to the wind and snow, to the freezing early mornings where you see your own breath slow, to the uncertainty of the roads or of the huge rainfall I say into winter we go! 
With extra blankets and pillows we make it through the cold along with all our pets to hold! I say to the soon to be spring that I've been missing ya so!
Night time routines change with each season's thing, learning how to adjust, how to calmly take it all on is what I love about each new year and each new day!
Lately I've been putting this list of  
7 steps before bed into practice and it's truly relaxing if only I could teach my often restless playful cats these steps to follow then we would all sleep much deeper!
These 7 steps are such a help and a perfect guideline for getting ready for bed, yet in this list I have noticed my biggest challenge is stretching before bed since my body is so tightly set now through all this winter's cold I am going to really focus on this step above all else yet when done in line with this list I sleep the best ever! Winter is such a "inside season" where every tid bit helps us get through it, where every sunny moment is a treasure for our skin! My favorite part of winter is all the cuddling of my cats and dogs of course especially when they are snuggled down into each other, into my back or my legs I think we all know how to hibernate by now!

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